We will conduct regular surveys and offer realtime advice on strategy. Our approach will be open and survey methods will be extremely web 3.0′ish! We won’t bother you will nasty emails, you just come, do your survey and you are done. We want you to participate and obviously we’d like you to contribute honestly so we can project that data in its absolute neutrality back to you! Plain ol’ transparent truth!

The surveys will focus on technology trends such as governance, security, compliance, virtualization, cloud computing , global economy, financial markets, wealth management, green computing and social responsibility.

Obviously we will do more.

Download the free IEEE research paper on Cloud Computing

A research paper written on Smart Metering the Clouds. Here we propose new architectural decision points; an open extensible architecture and some LCO (Low Cost Operatorship) constructs around effective, efficient and just-enough computing in the clouds.

More research work to come in that direction as well as a book on Cloud Computing by both authors. The authors are also invited to be program chair for 2010 IEEE workshop in Greece.