Greenpeace: Cloud Computing will make the world a much warmer place

I and my co-author proposed a vision paper suggesting a fiscally driven multi-state level policy where energy companies can use a common strategy to drive down the waste and increase efficiency while still staying competitive. That paper was called “Smart Metering the Clouds” . This was supposed to help us all stop the massive build-out of wasteful data centers and focus on preserving the energy consumption while driving internet adoption. Greenpeace’s tack to use Apple’s iPad as not the evil device itself but the means to cloud madness tells us clearly that cloud revolution is upon us.

The fact that Cloud Computing will be in massive adoption, especially for the next 4 Billion people, is for sure. So let’s take a look at it here.

Need for Speed: Why Clouds will be necessary for mass scale adoption

Think like electric grids that powered the rest of the world in the late 19th/early 20th century. Think like how automobile technology and industry transformed the way the whole world communes. The only thing that remained was that we all used the black gold or the fossil fuels to fire up all these initiatives. Mass production of all consumer goods and then selling of the same consumer goods, including basic amenities such as Water, Housing, and Food etc. will be done via the cloud and then measured in the cloud. This is what our paper was intended to help the world understand.

For instance let’s look at the BOP for the next 4 Billion consumers that will be arising in the next range of mini-super consumers and thus mini-super powers.

As you can see clearly that all these demands will all have to be met, if governments want to drive economical prosperity among their citizens, in a much smarter manner. A manner in which the consumers can be reached must faster and swiftly. And now take a look at the market that IT will constitute to:

Speed thrills, but kills: How Clouds could go into overdrive

While this report suggest what thee markets are going to be, to get there we obviously have not taken into account of how to do it all.

Think about this for a moment:

  1. How can we serve these consumers: We have never witnessed the scale of mass consumption like this ever before in our lives. Never! Sure enough you can drill a lot of rigs, you can hook up data centers all over the place but how on earth are you going to understand that that warming is going to do to you. We have a plan to work on these economies and bring prosperity to these nations.
  2. Do we really have the resources to also sustain such mass consumption if there are no policies in place such as market-driven, fiscally monitored and regulated and self-consciously motivated consumption?
  3. How much non-renewal resources do we really have – Can it really serve these economies?
  4. Can we ever get to the next energy / Green initiative of using solar and other technologies?

Billions of people will be using super devices such as iPad to connect to the internet and do everything in the cloud. Laundry, washing, bills, entertainment, schooling…everything. This demand generation will be unsustainable if we are not able to control and regulate the use while still promoting more internet use since it is bound to help economies grow but to somehow manage to keep them in control so they don’t go into overdrive. Best places are obviously to pass bills in order to observe how data centers are performing but also laying the moral and fiscal responsibility by the consumer to act individually as well.

While this list of question goes on and on, I am in full agreement with Greenpeace that this will definitely lead to a much warmer planet eventually as Data Centers become the grids of tomorrow. I presented my case in The Netherlands where several distinguished folks from tech and non-tech sector were also present and had suggest the “Great Energy Convergence Plan” where the energy sector and the tech sectors will eventually have to become one OR the better one has to , at some point in time, completely replace the other. As more and more our energy consumption needs, both domestically and at work keep changing. We are turning the new lights on while keeping the old ones from being turned off. We have to change that. This is not sustainable.

Greenpeace also suggest some players in the tech sector such as Google, Apple are not faring that well and Facebook is burning more coal and thus creating an environmental challenge for us all. Facebook, if it is to become bigger than Google, has got to take this responsibility head on. It did a case study of Cloud based expansion on these giants:

Did you ever realize who is responsible for this massive unsustainable growth?


The next 4 billion consumers are gearing up and data center build-out is not about to stop and if we have to avoid the 2020: World Wide Data Center Crash, then we must act prudently and fast!


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