Oracle acquires Virtual Iron!

We are assuming that the (in bold) statements from the Oracle exec are being channeled out from Oracle’s corporate HQ.

Oracle’s recent move to acquire server virtualization company Virtual Iron clearly indicates its intention to complete its data management portfolio by introducing indigenous virtualization.

Speaking to IT Examiner, Anand Mohan, former general manager for technology channels at Oracle India, said that Oracle had been very strong in the database management with real-time application clustering, but lacked virtualization expertise.

When asked about the rationale behind the acquisition, Mohan said, “I see this as an ideal opportunity for Oracle. Cutting down on the servers by replacing them with virtualization will become a common cost-cutting practice among the enterprises. Customers will find more value in Oracle’s offering, if it is backed by the virtualization element.”

However, Virtual Iron is a startup for small and medium enterprises, while Oracle is the big boss in large enterprises. This is most likely to pose a challenge for the company in approaching the big customers in the market. And therefore, it would start with the SME segment, meanwhile working on the customized version for its large enterprise customers.